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Environmental Policy

Environmental & Recycling Initiatives

We are always assessing ways of energy saving and at all times are open to suggestions made by staff and clients to make our business more efficient in all ways.

Lights and heaters are turned off when not in use. Staff are encouraged to turn off computers at night and over the weekends instead of leaving them on standby mode.
When purchasing new equipment for office use or for use in our rental or technical departments the energy rating of items are taken into consideration.

Vans in our fleet are diesel – lower carbon emissions. All vehicles use an additive for engine efficiency.

Deliveries of equipment around the city are co-ordinated to ensure there is no wastage in continually returning to the office for missed equipment or for individual runs.
We use our Video Conference Suite for meetings between our main branch in Christchurch and our Queenstown branch to lessen flying miles. We also encourage, where applicable, clients to make use of the Video Conference Suite for meetings to reduce travel time and costs.

Double sided printing is encouraged when printing relevant material and checks are made whether it is necessary to print at all. Correspondence by in large is done via email to save on paper wastage.
All paper is put in separate bins around the building and emptied into a large green wheelie bin, which is taken away and shredded before recycling (for security reasons). All paper is accepted, magazines, newspapers, books, wrapping paper, packaging…etc.

Toner Cartridges:
Empty toner cartridges and drums from our printers are collected by Comworth Systems and sent to Toner Recycling Centre, Auckland (0800 180 160, for recycling.

All cardboard is flattened and taken away on a weekly basis for recycling. Where possible we remove any packaging from clients premises when selling or installing equipment.

Cans / Glass/ Milk Containers / Newspapers:
These are placed into recycling bins kerbside and taken away by the City Council weekly.

Scrap metal - this includes steel, iron, aluminium etc. and cabling i.e. lead/copper core cables: sent to either Resource Recycling or Bristol Metals for recycling.

Lamps/ Bulbs, Fluorescent Tubes / Batteries:
Taken to local City Council recycling stations, to the hazardous materials area.
Data projector lamps containing mercury are collected and sent in bulk to Sony NZ Ltd, they are then sent to France for recycling – this service is also offered to our clients.

Other Rubbish:
This is placed in a rubbish skip which is removed when full.

Since the introduction of a company wide policy concerning recycling, our total rubbish being taken to landfill has halved.

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Shipleys Audiovisual has been in business for over 90 years. We are the most comprehensive audiovisual company in the South Island of New Zealand offering a complete audiovisual service nationwide. We have branches in Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin.

Call us for; hire, event staging, sales, installation, parts/servicing, consulting/advice, DVD editing and video conferencing.

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