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HITT - Response Clickers


Classroom Response System,

Clickers, Remotes, Voting System ...

There are several names for the one product.

When choosing this type of product it is best to first look at what you need to achieve with your class/audience, there are many factors to consider:

  • Do I want an instance response to questions?
  • Do I want to track individual students over the term / year?
  • Do I want to split my class/audience into groups and get group responses?
  • Do I want my class/audience to view the results of their responses?
  • Do I normally present my presentations/lessons on an Interactive Whiteboard, blackboard or paper?
  • Are my lessons pre assembled as PowerPoint presentations or in a variety of programs, i.e. Word/Excel etc.
  • Do I teach in the same classroom everyday?
  • Do I teach several different classes but want to track all of their progress?

Once you have answered some or all of these questions, then you can look at which product will suit your needs. Where possible it is also a good idea to have a demonstration of the product at your premises in your own time, Shipleys have kits available for demonstration for up to two weeks if required.


HiTT – Hyper-Interactive Teaching Technology



How it works: HITT_how_it_works_1_1.gif

Students or audience members use remote control “clickers” to respond to questions posed by the instructor or speaker. Questions can be asked in many different formats: Verbal, displayed on a projector or SMARTBoard, or even paper based such as a test or exam.

Student responses can be saved for later evaluation and grading, or the system can simply be utilised to guide the instructor by providing instant feedback from the audience. This instantaneous assessment of member comprehension enables the instructor to confidently move forward with the material or step back and review.

With the remote control, each student responds to the instructor's multiple-choice questions by aiming it at wall-mounted receivers, as shown in the illustration above. The receivers collect the signals and send them to a Windows, Macintosh, or Linux PC through the USB port. The students’ two-way remote indicates with a green light if their transmission was successfully recorded. The H-ITT acquisition program collects the responses from the students and saves them to a file and displays a histogram of the results to the instructor.


Remote - Radio Frequency (RF) HITT_RF_slim_remote_1.jpg

The two-way H-ITT remote unit is used by audience members to respond to questions. It has thirteen (13) buttons: A/1, B/2, C/3, D/4, E/5, F/6, G/7, H/8, I/9, J/0, <<(reverse), >>(forward), and receive. The remotes have a 30m foot range.

TX-3100 remote is grey/blue, requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).
TX-3200 remote is grey/blue with a 4cm lcd screen, requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).
TX-3000 remotes are now out of production but Shipleys do have some in stock on special. They come in three neon colours (yellow, orange, and green) and require 1x 9-volt battery (not included).


Receiver - USB Radio Frequency (RF) HITT_RF_receiver_1.jpg

The two-way base unit is used to collect signals from remotes and send the information to a computer.

A single base unit is powered by the USB port and does not require a power supply. For large venues and bigger audiences several base units can be joined together using a USB hub.


ClassPack - Radio Frequency (RF)

Everything needed to utilize H-ITT in a single classroom: 32 remote transmitters, 1 Base Unit, and a 6 ft. USB cable. It all comes in a convenient carrying case which holds the entire class pack and makes the system easily portable.


Software is FREE

HITT CRS is available for all Windows™ versions, MacOSX / Intel and Linux
HITT Show only available for Windows™ 2003 & 2007 - NOT AVAILABLE for Windows 7/Office 2010 or MacOSX

Batteries are not included.
WARRANTY: Two years on the base units for manufacturer’s defects and one year limited warranty on the handheld remotes from the date of purchase. This warranty only applies to new sales.

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