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SMART Technologies


Smart Technology Inc. is a truly innovative company. Constantly developing products and technology for Education and Corporate markets, they bring you a product range that makes it no surprise that SMART is the world’s NUMBER ONE in Interactive Whiteboard Technology.

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SMARTBoard Interactive Whiteboard


SB600 Series

Available Sizes
SB 660 64” diagonal – 4:3 ratio
SB 680 77” diagonal – 4:3 ratio
SB 685 87” diagonal – 16:10 ratio
(suitable projectors available)
Bluetooth or USB connectivity

SMARTBoard 600 PDF


SMART TableSMART_Table_2.jpg

The SMART Table is the first multi-touch, multi-user interactive learning centre that allows groups of primary students to work simultaneously on its surface.

The table's interface is so intuitive that even the youngest of students can get started without instructions. WATCH VIDEO.

Download Table Lessons


SMART Slate 


The SMART Slate brings new possibilities to your classroom by giving you and your students the freedom to interact with digital content from anywhere in the room.
The slate enables you to control applications wirelessly, and as you use the pen to write on the slate’s surface your handwriting displays both on your computer screen and the interactive whiteboard or projection screen for the entire class to see.
Control software applications, write notes and highlight information wirelessly from your computer from up to 30 metres away. Now rechargeable via USB cable from your computer.



SMART Podium


The SMART Podium (formerly the Sympodium interactive pen display) enables you to effortlessly control any presentation and bring it to life – all you have to do is connect your interactive pen display to a computer and projector. Write over slides in digital ink, save your notes, access any website or multimedia file and project your work onto a large screen to give your audience a truly interactive experience.

Powered by the same award-winning software as SMART Board interactive whiteboards, SMART Podium interactive pen displays are the perfect presentation tool.
Integrated USB pen drive port.
ID350 - 15", 4:3 screen ratio
ID350 - 17", 4:3 screen ratio
DT770 - 17", 4:3 screen ration, dual touch
ID422W - 22", 16:9 screen ratio



SMART Interactive Display FrameSMART_Interactive_Display_Frame_2_1.jpg

The SMART Board interactive display frame combines easy-to-use interactivity with brilliant visuals by transforming your flat-panel display into a SMART Board interactive display.

It blends the simplicity of an interactive whiteboard with the vibrancy of a flat-panel display, making it perfect for presenting and collaborating.
The frame comes with SMART Notebook, the collaborative learning software that sets the standard for creating, delivering and managing interactive lessons within a single application.

The frame fits on flat-panel displays ranging from 42" to 65" (106.68 cm to 165.1 cm) for a wide variety of commercial brands. The frame is made up of four corner blocks, four bezels and a pencil ledge that attach quickly and easily to your display.

SMART Interactive Disply Frame PDF


Actalyst™ Digital Signage



for LCD and Plasma monitors

Smart Interactive Frames add a new dimension to your favourite brand of LCD or Plasma monitor.
They enhance the visual information displayed, by enabling public interaction with the content – i.e. touch control for information.
Shipleys offer solutions for single panels, connected directly to a computer information source;
Or multiple units interfaced to a server based information source, allowing different information to be displayed on multiple panels.

SMART ActalystTM Digital Signage PDF


SMART_Bridgit_Logo_1.jpegConferencing SoftwareSMART_Bridgit_Conferencing_Software_2.jpg

BridgitTM provides a quick, easy and effective way to share voice, video and data over the Internet.

In three easy steps, you can interact with colleagues and customers using any presentation or application you have running on your desktop or SMART Board interactive whiteboard. As well, participants can join your meeting through a simple e-mail invitation – no installation required, which is ideal for those who don’t have administration rights to install software on their computers.

Bridgit TM Conferencing Software PDF


SMART Response


No matter which SMART Response you select, you can easily create quizzes and deliver lessons from within SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, providing a consistent experience regardless of your classroom environment. And it's easy to use because all necessary features are one click away.

Each model also comes with powerful assessment software that allows you to manage and evaluate classroom results in the same program. And it's simple to get started because students can use any remote to sign in.

SMART Response PDF


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