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Shipleys have been in the audio visual industry for over 90 years and have dealt with all aspects of the business.

During this long history Shipleys have often found there is a lack of consideration taken when designing, planning, building and installing any form of visual or sound requirements. This can often cause problems.

Audio Visual is now a separate professional field, however the requirements for these services are generally put in with electrical or communication & data planning.

If you are considering upgrading rooms, building new or even looking at new technology – please consult with us before going any further. Shipleys work with architects, builders, electricians, property developers, government departments, the education sector and private clients.


Below are some common faults we find with audio visual equipment:


Cable Care:

  • Computer cables (RGB/VGA) - these go between your computer and your screen or projector. DO NOT wrap these up like you would with rope. The wires inside the cables can break.
  • DO NOT wrap the power cord around the adaptor box – it will break at the box end.
  • When pulling a cable out of a port – DO NOT pull just the cable but grip the connector itself.
  • To connect or disconnect a computer cable (RGB/VGA), pull or push STRAIGHT – DO NOT wriggle, this will bend or break the pins.
  • Have electrical cables checked by an electrician on a regular basis. It is now illegal to run electrical equipment without a valid test label attached to the cable.


Projection Screens:

Wall screens pulled down too far – no longer retracting, these have to be dismantled and reattached to the mechanism.
Screens cleaned with solvent – which dissolves the surface.


Handheld microphones being dropped – damaging internal components.
Lapel microphones being wound around the sender units and being pulled by the cord – this breaks the wires inside the cords and need to be reattached.

DVD players:

DVD fails – always check the disc first. If you are recording a disc on your laptop to play on a DVD player, use the slower speed, i.e. 8x not 16x.


These are often used as projection screens with data/video projectors – this is not recommended due to the surface being too reflective.
Written on with permanent markers, use a strong solvent or overwirte with a whiteboard marker then erase.

Projector_Cleaning.jpgData/Video Projectors:

A lot of people blame a lamp when a projector is not going correctly, they then purchase a new lamp put it in the machine and find they have the same fault. Always check with a professional before purchasing a new lamp first just in case. When you do change the lamp it is a good idea to get an expert to thoroughly clean the projector, as you can see by the photo it can be a very complex issue!

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